Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Baking Soda Tooth Whitening

In every place we go, the importance of oral hygiene as well as the need of the dazzling smile is being sought after. One thing that you first notice when you meet someone new is his teeth and smile. It seems that the only way of ensuring a fantastic smile is through undergoing a bleaching procedure at an office of a dentist.

But if you want to cut out the expense as well as the harsh chemicals, you can make a baking soda toothpaste for natural teeth whitening at home. Brushing with baking soda alone is a little unpleasant but highly effective. Dentists frequently recommend it. However, if you like a homemade solution which does not taste unpleasant and at the same time keeps the breath fresh, then you can try this recipe at home. It is an inexpensive home solution to get whiter teeth without spending a fortune. If you want to try this, the two things you will need are the following.

Hydrogen peroxide. This substance, which can be bought at a drug store, does the real teeth whitening. You should look for a 2 percent or 3 percent solution here, but not higher than 3 percent because it can damage the teeth. As the hydrogen peroxide enters the enamel of the teeth, it reacts chemically with the colored molecules therein, which cause the teeth to look more yellow. As the stains broke down, only the colorless byproducts remain.

Baking soda. This is an abrasive stuff and is pretty hard, which can be used to give the teeth a good scrubbing. The teeth are harder than baking soda, thus you do not have to worry about doing damage as long as you do not brush every day with it. Baking soda kills off certain microorganisms and neutralizes some types of acid. With baking soda, the risk of developing mouth disease as well as the formation of plaque decreases.

Through mixing several drops of hydrogen peroxide with a large pile of baking soda, a pasty mixture can be created. You can use this to brush your teeth the same way you have normally do. After you brush with this mixture, you should rinse your mouth well with water.

Remember that the mixture of baking soda produces a slight abrasion to the enamel. Thus to give the enamel the necessary protection it needs, brushing your teeth with the regular toothpaste with numerous fluoride is required.

Maintain doing this regularly but not every day and you will notice your teeth get whiter in the next few weeks.

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