Monday, February 15th, 2010

Home Tooth Whitening Explored

If you have stained or discolored teeth you may like to consider home teeth whitening.  Home teeth whitening has the advantage of being inexpensive and relatively easy to use. There are several different methods that you can try to whiten your teeth at home.  Most methods fall into one of two categories.  Home teeth whitening kits or natural techniques to whiten teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening Kit
With both categories of teeth whitening you need to know what the dangers are of whitening your teeth at home.  If you choose to buy a home teeth whitening kit you have to be careful that you apply it exactly as the instructions suggest.  A common problem that may occur when using a home teeth whitening kit is insufficient application of the product resulting in patchy results.  This occurs when the whitening gel is not applied evenly to the teeth.  Another reason why you may end up with blotchy white patches is because you do not allow the gel to dry completely on the teeth which means the saliva in your mouth washes off some of the whitening agent.

The second problem that occurs with home teeth whitening kits is increased sensitivity and irritated gums.  The whitening agent used in most teeth whitening kits is carbamide peroxide.  When this chemical comes into contact with your gums it will cause irritation as it is not supposed to touch your gums.  Another cause of increased sensitivity is leaving the teeth whitening agent on your teeth for too long.  One thing you need to be careful of when you buy a home tooth whitening kit is how high the percentage of peroxide is in the product. The higher the percentage the greater the risk of sensitivity and irritation.

Natural Teeth Whitening
Another way that you can whiten your teeth at home is to use natural methods. Natural methods are not without their own risks. Many people think that just because a technique is natural it is completely safe. This is not the case with tooth whitening. Many techniques that can be read about online involves the application of highly acidic fruits which with increased and consistent use errode the enamel of your teeth.  Other methods involve the use of hydrogen peroxide or baking soda.  Both  are safe in small doses but if used incorrectly or too often can result in irritated gums and damaged tooth enamel.  You must make sure that you do your research before whitening your teeth yourself and make sure you follow all instructions.

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