Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Natural Teeth Whiteners You May Not Have Heard Of

Little Known Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

As well as the more common natural teeth whiteners such as using lemons, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide there are quite a few other methods available to you. In this article you will discover what they are, how they work and where you can obtain them.

The Babul tree is found in India and its twigs have been used since ancient Ayurveda times to brush and whiten the teeth. Babul contains tannin which is what works to make your teeth whiter.

The twigs of the Neem tree are also used to whiten and brush your teeth. Neem oil is an astringent and antiseptic so it removes bacteria and the brushing action is abrasive. As Neem twigs are hard to find in the western world you may be better off using a natural toothpaste that contains Neem oil or just purchasing some Neem oil. You can find Neem oil/ toothpaste online or at good health food stores.

Banyan roots are also used as tooth brushes and are known to whiten teeth through their astringent qualities.

Holy Basil
Holy Basil known and revered in India as Tulsi can help to whiten your teeth. Dried Holy Basil leaves can be powered and rubbed onto the teeth for effective teeth whitening. Holy Basil is good for your teeth because of its antibacterial, anti fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. You can buy a pot plant of Holy Basil to put on your patio. It tastes vaguely of cloves unlike the Thai basil or Italian basil you may be used to.


Here are two little known recipes for whitening your teeth according to ayurvedic principals.

Mix salt with dried rind of lime. Rub this onto your teeth and rinse off.

Grind 50 gms of keekar wood, roasted alum 20 gms and namak lahori 10 gms to make a powde. Mix with a little water and rub over your teeth.

Whatever method you use to whiten your teeth you should investigate these less common natural teeth whitening methods as they are less harmful and less abrasive to your teeth than some of the more common natural teeth whitening remedies.

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