Monday, April 12th, 2010

Natural Teeth Whiteners Vs Paid for Systems

In cosmetic dentistry’s world, teeth whitening reign supreme. It is universally valued by women and men, and is available to satisfy budget, temperament as well as time frame. Whether teeth whitening solutions are in the form of home-use bleaching kits bought at a local drugstore or one-hour bleaching sessions at a dentist’s office, they all abound. But only 15 percent of population has experienced cosmetic procedure.

The short and long of it is that teeth whitening works. Everyone opting for such cosmetic treatment sees moderate to considerable improvement in the whiteness and the brightness of their smile. But teeth whitening aren’t a permanent solution and they need maintenance for a longer effect.

There are three options of teeth whitening available today. All of them rely on different concentrations of peroxide and different application times.

One is the In-Office Whitening. The major benefit of this option is it changes teeth to a significant white color in a shorter period of time. It involves the careful controlled use of the high-concentration peroxide gel, which are applied by trained technician or dentist after the gums have been protected with a paint-on rubber dam. Peroxide stays on the teeth for 15-20 minute intervals, adding to up to an hour. People with stubborn staining can be advised to come back for another bleaching sessions or asked to continue the session through home-use whitening system. In-office teeth whitening has an average cost of $650 per visit.

Another is the Professionally Dispensed Take-Home Whitening Kits. For numerous dentists, professionally dispensed take-home whitening kits have the ability to give the best results on a long haul. Take-home kits add in lower-concentration peroxide gel, which stays in on the teeth for one hour or longer. The lower the percentage of the peroxide the longer it safely stays on the teeth. Take-home teeth whitening is applied on the teeth using custom-made bleaching trays, which resemble mouth guards. It costs $100 to $400.

Last is the over-the-counter whitening. This option is the most convenient and the cheapest of the three. It involves the use of a store-bought whitening kit, which features bleaching gel which has a concentration lower than professionally dispensed take-home whiteners. The gel is being applied to teeth using -size-fits-all trays, paint-on applicators or whitening strips. In a lot of cases, this can only whiten some of the front teeth unlike to the custom trays, which whiten the whole smile

After looking at all the options available natural teeth whitening is worth a look particularly in terms of cost as most natural teeth whitening methods are virtually free.

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