Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Natural Teeth Whitening- Daily Tips To Remember

There are numerous remedies for natural teeth whitening that one can do daily to maintain the teeth’s good looks. Everyday, one’s teeth come across all kinds of staining drinks and foods. It is impossible to avoid drinking and eating all these things, but a few tricks can be performed to help keep the teeth white naturally.

One is to use water. After drinking soda or coffee, swish water around the mouth if brushing teeth is unable to be performed. It will help to limit the staining that happens to the teeth. A great practice is rinsing the mouth after drinking.

Next is to eat some crunchy foods like vegetables and fruits. These kinds of food are another method for natural teeth whitening that one can use. Just eat carrots, celery, apple or other hearty vegetables or fruits since it helps to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth and also give clean and fresh feeling.

Another is using a straw. Whenever drinking soda or any other sugary drinks, try to use a straw. It limits the amount of liquid coming into contact with the teeth, therefore decreasing the staining that happens. If there is no straws available, swallow quickly the liquid and do not swish it inside the mouth.

A very similar method to eating vegetables and fruits is chewing gum. Numerous gums are available made to help clean the teeth. The gum gets in between the teeth, helping the teeth clean from tartar and plaque. Gum is one good natural teeth whitening method that works. However, it is important to remember that the gum to be chewed is sugarless gum, because gum with sugar do more harm than good.

The last, yet the best alternative is to brush the teeth. However, make sure that brushing is not too hard since it can cause damage. Also make sure that brushing thoroughly is done without causing damage.

All these tricks can significantly help in maintaining the white clean and white. All of them are preventive measures that one can take to retain the natural color of his teeth. However, these tricks do not reduce stains rather only prevent stains.

In addition to the tricks stated, there are numerous at-home teeth whitening kits available in the market that can whiten the teeth. Many of them have the same ingredients that dentists use. The same results are achieved without spending highly on professional cleaning. You can achieve good teeth for only a low price.

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